Self Referral & Services Information

There are a number of services into which patients can self refer without making an appointment to see the GP or another clinician.  Please see the information below on current services you can make self-referrals into.

Physiotherapy Self Referral

Podiatry Self Referral

Unity Services

First Steps

We can all feel low or worry from time to time and usually these feelings fade away on their own. But when they just won’t go away or start to interfere with your day-to-day life, First Steps can help you get back on track. Please telephone 0300 123 9122 or click below and use the following referral form:

E-School Nurse

E-School Nurse video clinics, will allow us to support parents, carers, head teachers, school staff and other professionals by providing health information, support and advice via a fair and easily accessible digital service across the county.

Additional Resources and Services

Surgery Information

Do not book a GP appointment if you think you might have coronavirus. Instead stay at home and self-isolate avoiding close contact with other members of your household.

Use the 111 coronavirus service to see if you need medical help.
If you do speak to one of our Doctors you must inform them of all symptoms you are experiencing.


During the current COVID-19 outbreak, patients experiencing certain symptoms (breathing issues and / or fever) and who have been telephone assessed by a GP to need a face-to-face examination will be called to our local ‘Red Hub’.

Click here to find out more about where to go, what it will look and feel like and what to do when you arrive.
There is also a short film and animation to explain why it looks different for children.

Further information available here